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Ionic Foot Detox LIVE Course

  • 1Day
  • 24Steps
Get a certificate by completing the program.


The purpose of this course is to attain how to successfully offer the Ionic Foot Detox as a service! Whether a side business is in the process of being started, or the expansion of a business and adding this service to the roster, investing in this informative and rewarding course is a huge gain, even for your pockets! Knowledgeable information, detailed material, personal experience, business tips, and a Certificate of Completion is endorsed at the end upon passing quiz! No skills or education required! A Foot Detox is a form of physical toxin elimination from the body, through the pores of the feet. This is a vital treatment because it eliminates health hazards within the main organs of the body, including the Digestive and Lymphatic System, Liver, and Kidneys. This is a treatment that must be done often and in sessions, which will provide your business with client retention! P.S: If you currently offer or are in the process of creating a business involving Health and Wellness, Massage, Body Sculpting, Wood Therapy and/or Lymphatic Drainage techniques, here’s the confirmation you need for increase!

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